Good Flow Honey Company is a family

operated business in Austin, Texas. 

With great passion, Tom & Daniel

Crofut (father & son) have been

keeping bees in the Austin area since

1975.  It has always been our goal to

provide our customers with the purest,

highest quality honey available. 


Our bees are placed in various locations around the Austin area.  Most yards -or apiaries- have had bees there for over 20 years.

"Good Flow" - a beekeepers term that refers to the amount of honey the bees are making.  For a beekeeper, there is a great joy watching the bees on a "good flow" as it is a sign of success for the flowers, the bees, &

the beekeeper.

Keeping bees in Austin since 1975

To contact us, please call (512) 472-6714.

With love,

We have enjoyed & appreciated your business, friendship, and interaction since the 70's.  You are very valuable to us and your support has enabled us to thrive in an occupation we love and provide a wonderful product for over 40 years.  We hope you enjoy our honey as much as we enjoy making it.

Our Best,

The Crofut Family