Product List

      Good Flow Honey is 100% pure, table grade honey.  We offer local Wildflower honey,as well as Wildflower honey from South Texas, Clover honey and Orange Blossom honey.  For wholesale prices call (512)472-6714.

       After wearing the same label for 40 years, we are making a change---same logo, new look (also nutrition label on back).  We hope you like it.

  • 12 oz. honey bear

  • 1 lb. honey jar

  • 2 lb. honey jar

  • 4 lb. honey jar

  • Texas Wildflower Raw (unheated, unfiltered, creamy)

           12 oz. or 1 lb. jar

  • Mountain Clover (unheated, unfiltered, creamy)

           1 lb. jar or 2 1/2 lb. jar

  • Gallon jug - 11.8 lbs.

  • Bulk honey




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